MRO, line-maintenance and Spare-part.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

MRO is an organisation/company that specializes in maintenance programmes of civil Aircrafts. These programmes are required by the Civil Aviation Authorities to ensure security and safety standards. MRO companies also handles daily Aircraft line-maintenance (in the Airport) and schedule Base services at MRO facilities (plants).

Every Civil Aircraft carring passengers, incl. cargo transportation must show an unbroken history (records) from date of delivery to present time, with all MRO documentation incl. replacements of spare-parts in order to be granted an Air Worthiness Certificate by the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). These controls work as an ongoing process to keep all Aircrafts to the highest standards (level) by security and safety measures.

Spare parts

Atlantic Aviation has world wide connections to appoint and offer MRO qualified to deliver all services that an Airline Company requires, incl. spare-parts with documentation.