Approved Training Organization

Every Airline Company in the world performing passenger- and cargo flights must keep their captains and other cockpit-crew members up to highest standards with the aid/support of on-going training program in an approved flight simulator. Our ATO partner are supporting and updating the pilot’s type rating program needed to be qualified and operate the Aircraft type that the cockpit crew are currently flying. Testing and training are important parts of every pilot’s agenda to maintain the best possible flying conditions. Atlantic Aviation will be approved with a forthcoming type-rating program incl. MCC and EASA courses that is designed to help students to meet the highest standards set by The Airline Companies and the Authorities.

Atlantic Aviation has access to a Boeing 737-800 NG flight simulator (FTD) installed and in full operation for Airline captains and co-pilots that need extra cockpit training to be approved in the forthcoming and yearly pilot checks implemented by the authorities. Our company is awaiting the final approval from the Swedish Transport Agency to be recognized as an Approved training organization with the authority to operate pilots type-rating in a flight simulator, B738 NG with a skilled and authorized examiner